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As the industrial animal husbandry has a strategic importance in the increase of the protein need of the population, SIENTI was born to help this strategic sector by offering innovative products. SIENTI produces innovative and natural products for Poultry, Ruminants, Aqua and Additives.  Our top feed additives are produced in Belgium.

Our products are used in animal nutrition in many countries over the world and are developed to help farms meet any challenge they pass through, help increase productivity, enhance quality of production and improve welfare.

High quality is our commitment!
We use improved technologies run by highly skilled experts to always insure that our products are sustainable, safe and effective. Innovative and product quality are an essential part of our success at SIENTI.

As a trusted partner for our customers we serve, SIENTI provides technical support, an effective portfolio, a professional team of experts ready for all inquiries and advices, as well as a supply system to ensure that all orders are delivered on time in order to meet our customer’s needs.


To provide the latest nutritional solutions for our customers & help them to always reach better performance


Advanced Solutions for Better Performance


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